Video Premiere: Hooning And Tuning With Rancid Eddie In Debut Clip ‘Here We Go Again’
Get familiar with these hooligans.
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What do you get when you mix five high-school pals, a couple of tinnies, and a garage full of instruments? You get Rancid Eddie.

Their main motivation for starting the band was simple enough, and something that anyone who has finished school and feared losing friends can understand. “We knew that’d be the only thing to keep us together,” guitarist Matt Sturrock says. Interestingly enough, despite the music being something of a bi-product from their friendship, Rancid Eddie seem to have a natural songwriting instinct.

Rough around all the right edges, ‘Here We Go Again’ has all the ingredients a pub-rock tune should have; a sing-along chorus, vocals that hit you right in the guts, and a sweaty little mosh section thanks to a tasty little tempo change. Singer Jessy Kelly delivers plenty of moments lyrically that we can imagine punters raising their beers to such as; “No one likes getting older, so let’s stay young my friend / No one likes to be sober, so let’s get drunk again.” Similarly to the now global sensation The Chats, there’s an authenticity to these guys that can’t be taught.

The clip is about as sweet as they come too. Directed by James Adams, we follow the lads as they roll around the country throwing rocks and shit, driving cars and shit, and running and shit. It’s the kinda clip that makes you wish you were there sinking tins and hanging out with them.

“Moments of silence around the campfire playing games of chess would be broken by the sound of a dirt bike flying through the bus,” Adams says of the experience. “Dust would envelope the sky creating an orange atmosphere and the boys would turn primal, screaming and sprinting through the dust like animals off the leash. BBQ and beers would fuel the team and their banter (that’s evolved into an almost unrecognisable language) cementing in my mind the notion that Rancid Eddie are more than just a band, their wild family.”

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Words by Harry Webber September 6, 2019
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