Watch: Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber, Denzel Curry + Countless More Celebs In ‘Vogue’ Feature
In the hot seat.
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Casting budget must’ve been insane for this…

After making waves for her British Vogue photoshoot, Billie Eilish is continuing to stay in the conversation as she promotes her upcoming album Happier Than Ever, taking questions from the likes of Halle Berry, Justin Bieber, Avril Levigne, Stormzy, hell, literally every celeb you can think of, in an instalment of the Ask A Legend series.

A special (and slightly random moment) involved the Biebs asking her “a really, really serious question,” proceeding to ask her “Would you rather have fresh socks or fresh sheets?” to which Eilish responded “Oh my god, I can’t have them both, Justin? It really depends on the situation. I really don’t wanna sleep in dirty sheets, and I really don’t wanna put on dirty socks, you know? I feel like fresh sheets, but also I… I can’t wear dirty socks. So maybe fresh shocks. But I love sheets, so either one.”

Even Finneas, who’s her literal brother, asks a question as well, querying her as to whether there were any concerts of hers that she sees photos of but does not remember (actually a pretty cool question), to which Billie responded that she’d seen a pic of herself wearing an outfit on stage but not remembering the show.

Definitely a cool concept; Check out Billie getting quizzed by her fellow A-listers below:

May 5, 2021
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