Watch: Mac The Knife Chat Bird Skull Necklaces & Make The Band Train Cool (Again?)
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Words by Harry Webber November 22, 2023

We pinned Brin and Curtis down for a now-holds-barred grilling recently.

And, in spite of the pure ferocity of their music, they were shockingly good sports. So much so that we ended up wishing they were our mates, or would perhaps ask us to join their band, or hang out, or something!! But alas, our time was fleeting, so we stuck to asking them silly questions about their dream collab, crazy on-stage moments and more…

The band have been going from strength to strength lately, having played to some massive crowds on their ‘No Pressure’ tour, and earning tonnes of buzz-filled praise for their SXSW Sydney show. They’ll be playing at The Union in Sydney this Saturday, and Fangztock with a bunch of rad bands on the 9th of December, so why not watch our interview with them above and check out the deets for that below. Go on, you’ve come this far…

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