Watch MGMT Get Chased Down Hollywood Boulevard In Trippy ‘Bubblegum Dog’ Visuals
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Words by Amar Gera November 30, 2023

Image by Jonah Freeman //

As far as nightmares go, this video is definitely up there…

Hot off announcing their forthcoming album ‘Loss of Life’ and the release of their latest single ‘Mother Nature,’ renowned psychonauts MGMT have returned with another single titled ‘Bubble Gum Dog’ – a trippy, mind-bending creation that is impossible not to vibe out to.

The song plays like an amalgamation of the various corners of the MGMT discography, serving as a soundtrack to our upbringings. From the hypnotic quells of ‘Little Dark Age’ to the pop sensibilities of ‘Kids’ and the interdimensionality of ‘Electric Feel’, ‘Bubble Gum Dog’ caters to MGMT fans both old and new.

The accompanying video is utterly bonkers, featuring the duo being chased through various landscapes by a person donning an absolutely demented dog head. From Hollywood Blvd to the wild Wild West and what appears to be a very small hotel pool, the relentless pursuit on the part of the ‘Bubble Gum Dog’ is quite literally comparable to a sleep paralysis demon.

Naturally, there are also plenty of trippy effects, colour grades, and visual tricks throughout, including one particularly disturbing shot of the duo walk-running at the camera. Overall, it’s the perfect companion to “Bubble Gum Dog” and adds to the emerging surreal atmosphere of the song. Buy/stream it here.

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