Watch: The Prodigy Pay Tribute To Keith Flint In First Show Since His Passing
Words by Amar Gera July 14, 2022

Image via Anthony Mooney // 

The Prodigy frontman died in 2019…

The dance world was shook to its core when Prodigy frontman Keith Flint was pronounced dead in 2019, the 49-year-old being in the midst of a world tour with the band when he passed away. Understandably, the band pulled out of the tour almost immediately to grieve, with their last performance together being in February 2019 in New Zealand.

Now, over three years later, the remaining members of the group have reunited for a UK tour, taking to the O2 Academy in Sheffield last weekend for a two night run. Speaking to the crowd, co-founder of the group Liam Howlett told the crowd, “It’s been a long time fucking coming”, ahead of performing the opening track ‘Breathe’.

But of course, Flint’s presence was ever tangible, with the band paying tribute to him during the iconic hit ‘Firestarter’, beaming a laser outline of the singer onto the stage during the song.

Taking to Twitter after the show, the group wrote, “We wanna thank every one of u that came out and supported us, this ment  so much to us, the whole place blew the fuk up and it was a night we will never forget. Thankyou for the continued luv and support, we luv all muthafukkas, Now let’s Fukin do it again!”

Looks like the Prodigy’s days are far from over. Check out more videos of their return to the stage below.

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