Watch: Sheck Wes Drops Hilarious Song After Being Knocked Back From NBA Draft
Next year.
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Mo Bamba would have to be his team’s entry music…

The NBA draft was yesterday and naturally, there was a bunch of controversy surrounding it. One of the most notable upsets was definitely that of Myles Powell, who was named the Big East Player Of The Year, but wasn’t selected. There was another high-profile non-selection as well, but it definitely makes a hell of a lot more sense than Powell.

The non-selection was indeed for rapper Sheck Wes, who had declared for the draft, but sadly got knocked back. The ‘Mo Bamba’ rapper played competitive basketball in high school, but it seems he hasn’t really touched the sport since.

Writing online before the draft, Wes made his aspirations clear, saying “Damn… it’s really real , The 2020 NBA DRAFT , all my life I always wanted to follow my passion for music and basketball . Playing basketball and going to play pro in the nba is something that I always strived for. Tonight that dream comes true!”

Following the draft however, Wes was properly surprised at the results, writing “STRANGEST DRAFT EVER , I AINT TRIPPING I WILL COME BACK NEXT YEAR 29 TEAMS WILL REGRET THIS NIGHT. BACK TO THE GYM. BEEN BALLIN !!!!” Along with the caps lock burst, Wes posted a small video video in which he reimagines the draft, with him being the first pick.

It seems Wes was low key banking on not being picked, as the snippet was from his new music video for new tune ‘BEEN BALLIN,’ which sees Wes being the first pick in the draft and taking on the life of an NBA star. The vid also sees him don some hilarious old man makeup and absolutely dunk on some youngsters.

Whether or not we’ll see Wes enter for the draft next year remains unclear. Actually, it’s perfectly clear, Wes will definitely be entering next year as according to his own words, lets just hope we get another banging song for when he gets knocked back then too. Check out ‘BEEN BALLIN’ below.

November 20, 2020
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