Watch: Tony Hawk Teams Up With Nine Inch Nails For Fiery ‘Wish’ Cover
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Words by Amar Gera May 17, 2023

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The crossover we didn’t know we needed…

Tony Hawk, the iconic skateboarder who has played a part in the childhoods of 90s and 2000s kids across the globe, has once again broken the internet, this time for his singing talents. Linking up with Trent Reznor of eternal rock band, Nine Inch Nails, along with an ensemble of musicians to cover the band’s timeless hit, “Wish”, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Hawke is a longtime member of the group, his vocals of the band’s 1992 song not just decent, but actually really good.

Accompanied by Reznor and current/former members of Dillinger Escape Plan such as The Bronx, Kat Lucas and Ryan Leger, the clip shows Hawk singing out the lyrics of ‘Wish’ while skateboarding along Venice Beach and several other Los Angeles attractions, all the while his fellow bandmates perform the song in their respective houses in what’s eerily reminiscent of the live music zoom performances that defined the first year of worldwide COVID lockdowns.

In a sweet addition, there’s one moment where Hawk almost runs over Reznor while riding on his skateboard (1:38 to save you time) that adds an extra bit of levity to the already hilarious clip. Fans in the comment section appear to be just as entertained (imagine a YouTube comment section that isn’t toxic as hell), writing, “I never thought I’d witness Tony Hawk and Ben Weinman rocking out with Trent Reznor himself in a Nine Inch Nails cover! This timeline is wild, and I’m absolutely here for it.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Check out the full clip below.

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