How Well Do Banquet DJs Know Each Other? We Asked. They Answered.
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Words by Harry Webber March 6, 2023

Video by Will Zhang //

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition…

You may know Sydney duo Samantha Lando and Stephanie Polivka as Banquet DJs; the party tune spinning musical force that is popping up at the best events around the country. You might not know that the two are ride-or-die best friends, housemates, and also operate a business together. Safe to say they spend a lot of time in each other’s pockets.

Despite a shared appreciation for Pals seltzers (we’ll get into specifics later), Steph and Sam are super different people that feed off each others’ creative energy and bring distinct skills to the table. They’re like a human embodiment of the Yin Yang that also happens to know just the right time to slip some Drake into the party mix.

But how well do this dynamic duo know each other? We asked them some important and not-so-important questions over a couple of Pals and it definitely didn’t get competitive:


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