TWINR Mesh Synth Wave, Mid-Western Emo & Rock On New Groove, ‘Things I Can’t Change’
Got us feeling all sorts of ways.
Words by Amar Gera March 15, 2023

Adding this to my ‘Night Time Drive’ playlist…

If there was an award for ‘The Most Genres Fit Into One Song’, it would most definitely go to Sydney based duo, The World Is Not Round, and their new offering ‘Things I Can’t Change’. A product of several years of writing together, the laid-back groove from the alternative outfit (made up of frontman Chase and backing vocalist & guitarist, Ronnie) is a vibrant amalgamation of synth wave, mid-Western emo and rock. And no surprises here, but the tune totally bangs.

Taken from their upcoming third album, the track is a heartfelt ballad that manages to sound both melancholic and hopeful. Tying it all together is Chases tenor vocals, his singing of lines like “Don’t care at all/Uncertainty is following me ’round/Take the dive and crawl/Facing forward straight unto the ground” rife with plenty of emotion and resonance. The song’s themes of regret, grief, and acceptance come through in spades in not only the track’s lyrics, but the instrumental arrangement, with melodic guitar riffs, somber vocals, and subdued percussion working in harmony to create a captivating and emotionally charged listening experience.

Judging by ease with which TWINR have penned the emotive ballad, it’s clear they have a talent for the moody and introspective parts of songwriting. This will undoubtedly come as a surprise to any OG fans of the Filipino musicians, who have graduated from the high energy nature of past cuts like ‘I’ll Be Fine’ and ‘Impending Doom’ to the soft and gentle aura of ‘Things I Can’t Change’ with ease.

Definitely a duo worth keeping an eye on. Be sure to check out The World Is Not Round’s new single ‘Things I Can’t Change’ above and be sure to follow them on Instagram here.

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