“WTF Is Wrong With The GRAMMYS” – Machine Gun Kelly Shares World’s Sookiest Tweet
Someone pls call a wambulance.
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Machine Gun Kelly has taken to Twitter to let everyone know he’s upset that he didn’t get nominated for a shiny award that means nothing.

There’s an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia called ‘The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award’. It’s in reference to the show’s repeated snubbing by the Emmys, despite being one of the most long-running sitcoms in history (this ep was season nine). Here they poke fun at the idea of wanting to win an award, while still letting everyone know that they’ve been overlooked, while still signalling they don’t give a fuck.

In terms of protest, one might say it’s pretty punk. At least it’s about a million times more “punk” the bubblegum pop-punk shite that Machine Gun Kelly spoonfeeds to his teeny-bop, TikTok-loving, 11-year-old fanbase. And now, like his followers probably do when they miss out on their daytime nap, the 31-year-old has thrown a mini tantrum for not getting a nomination for an award that few people outside of backslapping music execs actually care about, the Grammys.


Something has clearly shifted for MGK since the 2013 interview with Complex in which he stated: “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really care anymore what people think about me. I’m just gonna be me.”

Will winning an award make MGK’s Happy Meal rock any better? Will it earn him the respect of his peers? Probably not. Maybe he just wants a big shiny thing to put on his desk. Artists like The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Patti Smith, Queen, Jimi Hendrix (and a fuckload more) have never won Grammys, and I guarantee we’ll still be listening to their music in 50 years when Machine Gun Kelly is nothing more than a blip on pop culture.

Anyways. Rant over. You can listen to the MGK album that was eligible for nomination below. I’m going to watch some Always Sunny.

Words by Harry Webber November 24, 2021
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