Chris Yee’s Comic Strip Review Of Action Bronson At The Enmore Theatre
Bam Bam goes big in Sydney!
March 17, 2016

Last weekend, we sent our good mate and incredible artist Chris Yee to review Action Bronson’s show at The Enmore Theatre, and now he’s delivered his verdict in the form of a comic strip.

Chris Yee is a genius. Every time he touches the canvas something fucking magical happens, and after years of knowing the dude and bonding over our mutual love of Gucci Mane, he continues to blow our minds with his intricate and playful creations. We even asked him to paint the old LWA office in Bondi back in 2014, and he created a huge mural of a turtle in a leopard print bucket hat. We would expect nothing less from the Oriental OG.

Taking notable influence from The Simpsons, WWF and rap music, it was a no-brainer for us to get something from Chris after he headed to Action Bronson in Sydney. Now, here’s his comic strip review of the gig – because who wants to read words when you can look at cool pictures instead?

Follow Chris on Instagram right here for more animated goodness that will please your eyeballs.

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