Juan Onekawa
Photos by Mitch Ross September 23, 2015

Some people on this Earth have been blessed with a winning hand from God himself. Juan Onekawa doesn’t only have the coolest name of all time, but he’s also grown to become one of Sydney City’s most prolific skaters since moving here from the Sunshine Coast. Oh yeah, he’s also a stud – so much so that he spends some of his spare time modelling in front of the lens.

While all the ladies are probably frothing over the prospect of a good-lookin’ board-rider, Juan’s happily taken with a long-term missus, and it’s not hard to see why. His skating style is relentless and quick, and it’s nothing short of liberating to watch him tear the terrain with such effortlessness.

For our new feature Obsessions: Presented by Oakley, we shoot Juan and speak to him about his career, fellow skaters, and the ever-important Dirty Sprite 2. #FREEBANDZ #LIVEYOURS

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How long has skateboarding been apart of your life?

This December will be 15 years since I got my first board.

Non-skateboarding obsession?

Nothing really, of course I have other interests but nothing I could call an obsession. Skating takes care of that.

What tunes are on your playlist at the moment?

The new Travis Scott album, that things going to be on repeat.

Best place to watch hip-hop clips?

Josh And Rhinos house on the projector. It’s a safe bet anytime you go over there Rhino will have something playing. Lot of Dirty Sprite 2 lately.


Growing up, what skater who where you obsessed with in the younger years and how do you look at that person today?

Geoff Rowley was my first favourite skater. He will always be respected forever by everyone period.

What destination that you have not been to that would you be obsessed to skate?

Italy. Rome, Milan, Naples they have amazing spots plus id like to be a tourist there also. Two birds one stone, really.

Aussie you think could be the next big thing for skateboarding?

Simon Frazzetto, big in the sense of doing it the right way.

Is there an era of skating you are obsessed with?

In terms of skating late 80’s and the whole 90’s. Once it left Southern California and reached kids who had never surfed before that’s when skating was really born

What video part do you think is your all time favourite?

Dan Drehobl – Free your mind.


A vice you just can’t quit?

Sugar, I’m trying, it’s a bitch.

Outside of skateboarding, what athlete do you admire?

Serena Williams. I’m a fan of tennis, they said she was done in 05 when she injured her back and she’s ranked No.1 right now. Its August 2015.

Top 3 things in your life right now?

1. Skateboarding
2. Amanda
3. The end winter of winter

Tell me about your worse injury.

Ankle blow out last year, it certainly wasn’t the most painful one but I’m still doing rehab on it to this day. I ended up need to get an operation three months after I hurt it, so that put me back to Square One. I’m not sure if it will every be the same it was.

Up and coming trips?

Japan with Pass Port in October which I’m really looking forward to. Two weeks in Tokyo, skating all day and night. Then Oakley have something big planned in Sydney in November. They have a bunch of events planned and are bring out the international guys so that’s going to be fun too.


Home town obsession?

Sydney in summer, the whole thing.

Who be your top five skaters to go on a trip with and why?

Josh, Rhino, Sammy, Trent, Bryce. It don’t matter where you go but who you go with.

Andrew Peters described you as a quintessential Aussie stand up, that skates fast with great style.

A loyal, great dude. The kind of guy you hope your mum thinks you are.

How would you describe Josh Pall?

He don’t fuck around, straight up. Anything he does its going to be done well and fast. That’s with everything in general.

One sentence to describe Peters?

Hes living the life over there but hes working hard and deserves it so I’m stoked to see my friend doing what he wants. FUKNOATH


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