FUJIFILM Journal: Fashion Week
Sydney 2018
Fashion 3y

We always enjoy MBFWA and we’ve got the snaps to prove it!

Feeling extra sleep deprived this week? Ready for a (huge) glass of wine? We are feeling you. This years fashion week has once again rolled in and out of our lives in a hurricane-like blurr of parties, models, runways and (of course) loads of extraordinary garms. As always it was crazy few days but we are already looking forward to next year.

We all know there’s no better way of capturing the moment just as it’s happening than with instant photos, and with our Fujifilm Instax we were able to snap all of the action at just the right time – which is especially handy when there’s a few gaps in the ol’ memory. Check out some of our favourite moment right here:


Words by Harry Webber Photos by Mitch Tomlinson May 18, 2018
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