Fashion 5y

Organised chaos. Simply put, there is no way to make sense of the events that take place backstage during NYFW. Getting dozens of models to simultaneously look great and eventually walk in the same direction down a runway never ceases to blow my mind. From hair and makeup to first looks, there are hundreds of people doing a million different things to accomplish what most people view as a simple ‘show.’

This year more than ever, I was able to roam free. I had the unrealistic goal of capturing moments that made sense of the chaos. A model not giving a fuck, or a frantic stylist composing himself, taking a breath, and immediately realizing everything isn’t broken. I’m always going to look for the part of an image that says the most without giving away the entire story. So with another season down, here’s a look at the calm inside of the chaos.



Photos by Mitch Tomlinson February 25, 2016
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