Vans Update Their Classics For Adventurers With UltraRange Sneakers
A Vault By Vans release.
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Got a keen sense of adventure? Vans are keeping up by adequately dressing your feet with their new UltraRange sneakers, with an emphasis on exploration and versatility on different terrains.

Their sneakers have been slimmed down with a lower profile, making movement easy on top of an UltraCush midsole and Vans’ iconic waffle outsole. Made from a mixture of leather and nylon, durability is paramount on the UltraRange, which arrives in black, white and blue versions. The Vault By Vans release feels like the skate company with a distinct sportswear twist, making for a new school shoe that’s perfect for those on the road.

The UltraRange collection will be available worldwide from select Vans retailers come May 20, including Up There Store in Melbourne. Check them out below:

FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OUG_UAULTRARANGELX_BlackLightGum_Group_Elevated FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OUG_UAULTRARANGELX_BlackLightGum_Elevated FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OVZ_UAULTRARANGELX_WhiteLightGum_Elevated FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OUY_UAULTRARANGELX_EnsignBlueLightGum_Elevated Bodega x Vans 12 2000 x 3000 FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OUG_UAULTRARANGELX_BlackLightGum_Macro_Elevated FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OVZ_UAULTRARANGELX_WhiteLightGum_Macro_Elevated FA17_Vault_UltraRange_VN0A3DQ3OUY_UAULTRARANGELX_EnsignBlueLightGum_Macro_Elevated
May 17, 2017
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