YEEZY’s Basketball Shoe Might Be Dropping Sooner Than We Thought
On court flex.
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A first look at the long-awaited basketball sneaker.

Infamous sneaker leaker YEEZY MAFIA has shared an image of the rumoured YZY BSKTBL ‘QUANTUM’, and QUANTUM Lifestyle with a caption suggesting its debut at NBA All-Star Weekend. For those of us here for the Yeezy and less so for the basketball, All-Star weekend is going down in Chicago this week, 14-16 February. We’re not saying they’re always on point, but YEEZY MAFIA does have a reputation for getting things right – often enough that they’ve earned millions of followers, started their own brand/ global movement and even had twitter wars with Kim Kardashian.

The high-top sneaker is expected to land in a ‘Zebra’ colourway and from the images provided, features reflective 3m detailing. Whether or not that 3m will feature exclusively on the lifestyle model or if YEEZY/ adi are confident they can finesse clearance from the NBA for the performance shoe, remains to be seen. YEEZY MAFIA claim that both pairs will retail for $250 USD.

Nick Young, AKA Swaggy P, famously donned a pair of YEEZY 500s on court about two years ago and it seems the rest of the NBA/ world could be about to catch up with an offical YZY basketball performance model this weekend. Worth the wait? Ask us again on Monday.

Words by Jack Bennett February 11, 2020
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