Artist Kim Fernandez Turns Perth Out With Kaptive
Art, music and people came together for a night like no other!
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Let’s be honest. How far are we past the hoity-toity cliche of what an art show is? In a world that celebrates originality, they can often feel like a rigidity to how artists can exhibit themselves.

Well, Kim Fernandez didn’t just think outside the box; she obliterated all four walls with last weekend’s ‘Kaptive’.

Photographer Mario Veloso

The Perth based artist turned out Rechabite’s ‘Good Will Basement’ into a blistering night of pulsating beats and experimental artwork. For Fernandez, this was a night to celebrate creativity in all its different forms:

“I’m really trying to do something different here in Perth and bring something exciting and new to the younger generation/creatives…I don’t want to hold another standard art exhibition where people walk around a space drinking wine and observing hanging pieces of artwork, I want this to feel more like a party! More of an experience where the music, art and people all tie in together as one. Expect a clash of hip hop, rap, trap and Baile funk music on the night. I think it’s time Perth experienced a new type of vibe, so that’s what I’m trying to do”.

Photographer Mario Veloso

The lineup included heavyweight Dj’s Mowgli, Aaron Lewis, Jxnior , HWLS, Lovefear and Kim herself. Kaptive’s boiler room inspired energy dared audiences to sweat it out on a floor oozing with unbridled euphoria. As the tunes and good times smouldered late into the night, an air of optimism was palpable. In uncertain times, artists like Fernandez are glowing beacons for the future of the Australian creative scene. 

Follow @kimboclat to keep posted on whatever she’s doing next. On our end we can’t wait to see what she churns out in the future. Special thanks to Mario Veloso for Capturing the night!

Words by Andrew Yee July 29, 2021
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