Check Out The Charitable Art From The Australian Open Of Surfing
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Mad Love
Words by Elliott Layland March 10, 2017

Words, film and images by Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

MAD LOVE is a new regular feature on Life Without Andy where art fanatics and all-round legends Andrew Yee & Chris Yee interview their talented colleagues and dive headfirst into their eye-popping works.

There are few things that are certain in life: death, taxes and the fact that, against my own virtue, I will inevitably end up at Manly within the year for the Australian Open of Surfing.

My hesitancy towards the Northern Beaches comes more from laziness that anything else. But once I step off the ferry and let the salty stench sting my nostrils and the cool ocean air stick to my skin, I realise I’m back and I kind of love it out there.

This year there were four good reasons to love it: Ben Brown, Mitch Revs, Chris Yee and Kentaro Yoshida. This motley crew comprised of some of Sydney’s most bold and talented artists took to Manly to show off their skills for the Australian Open of Surfing art component, painting on behalf of Take 3 – a charity organisation that inspires people to lower plastic pollution in our oceans.

Curated by the hood mayor of Manly – Cam Wall, these four artists whipped up 4 on-the-spot creations. Reflecting their best interpretations of the Manly experience; Kentaro visualising the weather and vicious storm of competition, Ben Brown trophies his legendary status through his signature ‘Manly skulls,’ Mitch Revs depicting moving waves straight from the core of his Newcastle hometown and Chris painting some angry animals?

What followed was an afternoon of great art, good people and a lot of guys in board shorts with their sunglasses resting well above their foreheads. See it all in the video above and pics below:

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