Episode 4: Kayo Shoji & The Shoji Family Workshop
Deep in Ryde.
Mad Love
Words by Elliott Layland May 1, 2017

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

The world is made up of strong families. Bloodlines that seem to permeate greatness, DNA with success written in their code.

Think about it, the Smith dynasty (who knew big willy style was a genetic thing), the travelling circus of the Kardashians (they’re rich, which is cool right?) and the Corleones (fictional, I’ll give you that) – all families and all bodying the competition, the last one very literally.

If you haven’t already, you can now add the Shojis to that list. One of Sydney’s premium art families with their legendary shared studio located in the best suburb on planet earth, Ryde.

This oak tree of creatives starts with international ceramics legend Mitsuo Shoji, a pioneer of ushering traditional Japanese techniques and introducing them to Sydney’s landscape in the 70s. It then continues to the multidisciplinary and highly regarded work of Christine Shoji and Enku Shoji through illustration, fabrication and object based work.

Youngest of the family, Kayo Shoji is an up-and-coming sculpture artist starting to make his mark in the art world. Creating abstract works of heritage sandstone, twisted metal and oak, Kayo is steadily finding his artistic identity while also living up and adding to his family lineage!

Also, big ups to No Name Italian Restaurant, closing after 64 years of business. An institution not too dissimilar to the Shojis. I can speak for Sydney when I say that we will miss your humble spaghetti with added clump of butter, your schnitzel with a melted slice of singles cheese on top, fresh bowl of fluffy gum cutting bread and your house fluro red cordial. Hell of a run, ahh bellissimo!

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