Episode 6: Goodspace Gallery’s 2nd Birthday
Presented by The Yee Boys.
Mad Love
Words by Elliott Layland June 6, 2017

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

Happy birthday Goodspace Gallery!

Do you remember your 2nd birthday? Unless you were a baby genius (like the Boss Baby) I’m going to presume it’s a hard ‘no.’  It was probably a low key event. There would have been a cake, extended family talking shit about each other and RC Cola bought in those industrial sized two litre bottles.

But what you really wanted was a buck wild art show full of Sydney’s best and creative artists – you wanted Migos booming so loud that it just sounded like bass and mumbling. You wanted The Lord Gladstone’s infamous chicken burger and beers out of those frat boy red cups. Well Sydney’s own Goodspace just turned 2, and that’s exactly what happened.

Goodspace has always been a gallery catering to both established and emerging talent. In its two year run, it’s already had close to ONE HUNDRED shows (you read that right), establishing itself as an artist-friendly (and rent-free) space in a city that can often be pretty rough for individuals wishing to showcase their work. So big ups to Chris Loutfy and all the hard work of the staff at Goodspace and The Lord Gladstone.

Also shout out to 24 Karat Kev for hosting, and DJ Nes for playing like six PartyNextDoor songs! Bao!

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