Mad Love, Ep. 14: Pseushi’s Sydney Pop-Up Store For Their SS18 Collection
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Mad Love
November 9, 2017

They already gave the winter some, and now it’s summer’s turn. Pseushi is back with their Spring/Summer line!

Since we last saw the boys mobbing out on the cold streets of Surry Hills  – Episode 3, if you can’t remember – Pseushi has continued their steady growth. Merging fashion, art, and progressive imagery, they really have a gained a strong fan base amongst Sydney locals.

Their events and openings show an old school feeling of community, kids (everyone younger than me is a kid) drinking tinnies on the street wearing huge plaid blazers (that’s what’s in), copping product straight from the source.

It’s a vibe that can be mistaken for a block party instead of the release of a new clothing line, a vibe that sometimes Sydney is sorely missing. Pseushi brought the energy once more to their own space in Chippendale last weekend, right next door to our other spiritual home, The Lord Gladstone.

So bigs up to Pseushi founders Wes and Chris for the event, James Robinson for the video installation and ya boy Pete Hayes for looking dapper as hell in the lookbook!

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