Mad Love, Ep. 15: The Otherworldly Experience Of Output Festival
On the aptly-named GOAT Island.
Mad Love 4y

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee // Below images by James Simpson //

Over the weekend we were Castaway’d on Goat Island, with nothing but seaweed loin cloths and unshaved beards, a literal minutes from the mainland.

The idea of creating a ritualistic bonfire and signalling planes for help was not, not an option. I’ve never felt more like Tom Hanks in my life. Okay, so this is a huge and borderline false retelling of our experience at the first ever Output Festival. The only way that this would be comparable to Castaway would be if you replaced the daily fight for survival with pulsating techno beats and Wilson for thousands of enthusiastically sweaty punters.

The child of both Motorik and UNDR Ctrl, Output Festival aimed at creating a day that was totally unique and experimental. Delivering the best DJs with a cutting edge dance experience to one of Sydney’s premiere and criminally underutilised locations, Goat Island.

To the revelry of everyone who went, the first ever Output Festival was a great success. The only question left is, when do next year’s tickets go on sale so we can catch that luxurious ferry back! So shout outs the legendary Motorik and UNDR Ctrl for putting it down for Sydney! And for tha Harbour for being so beautiful! Bao:







December 6, 2017
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