Mad Love, Ep. 18: Sydney Institution Goodspace Gallery Turns 3 Years Old
Happy birthday!
Mad Love 2y

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee //

Cotdamn, three years goes by quick.

When Goodspace first opened its doors, not a lot of people knew what to expect. The premise was deceptively simple: Every Wednesday, for one night only, there would be a new exhibition. That was it. Whether a well-established artist or an up-and-coming young gun, every show was carefully curated by the eagle-eyed vision of the unofficial mayor of Chippendale, Chris Loutfy.

With now well over a 100 shows under its belt, Goodspace has become one of Sydney’s premiere galleries, hosting an eclectic variety of local (and occasional international) talents. Over the years, the notorious white walls of the double rooms have been transformed into hundreds of different spaces. From a zine fair, a smoked out video installation, an electronic rave and even the bedroom of the next big thing in Sydney rap, Phil Fresh, who took us into his world for his EP launch.

Goodspace has taken on so many different identities that it’s impossible to pinpoint what it’s going to be next week, or the week after. For a city that can have the reputation of being unsupportive of the arts, it just goes to show that Sydney is indeed a hotbed for creative talent – it just needs a few more galleries like Goodspace.

So bigs up to Chris Loutfy, and everyone who has exhibited or helped out in the last three years, you’re all the real stars:

April 16, 2018
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