Mad Love, Episode 9: Live From MADLOVEMANIA, The Wrestling-Themed Art Event
By The Yee Boys.
Mad Love
July 19, 2017

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

The showcase of the Immortals. The biggest event in art entertainment history. It’s MADLOVEMANIA!

When Chris Loutfy emailed me a few weeks ago asking If Chris and I would be interested in hosting Sunday Walls – The Lord Gladstone’s monthly live art event – two questions came to mind. One, can we call it MADLOVEMANIA – the pseudo art/wrestling/music event of the century? And two, can I hit/be hit with a steel chair?

While my steel chair dreams were left unfulfilled, I can honestly say MADLOVEMANIA was a barn-burner of a good time.

With artists James Jirat Patradoon, Chu Tachibana and the Brothers of Destruction (Us! The Yees!) getting in on the action, we treated those walls with all the respect the Iron Sheik would to the American Flag. USA! USA! USA! The music was blasting all day by the certified Gs White Girls Music, Pokari, and Grove Street Sound System. The only thing it could be comparable to was when Pitbull took the stage at Wrestlemania and performed a three song medley. How does he sweat while keeping his suits so white?

So bigs up everyone who came and checked out some art, listened to some music and put up with my screaming over the Gladstone’s PA. I think I challenged everyone to wrestle me for a belt which I may or may not have rested on my shoulder. Hopefully we’ll be back next year!


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