Party & Bullshit 2w

The Aussie-owned seltzer was the drink of choice in Burleigh on Saturday…

While the summer of seltzers might be over (does it have to be?), the plunging temperatures didn’t stop Queensland party-goers from getting well and truly spritzed last Saturday. Descending on Pink Monkey, Burleigh barflies got a taste of Alex Hayes’ latest venture into the hard seltzer game, sipping on VACAY’s fruity range to give an already-buzzing night that extra bit of sparkle. Fuelled by the fizzy elixir, revellers enjoyed a night of Aussie-made flavours and a special DJ set from the host himself. Check out the boozy (but low calorie/vegan friendly/guilt free) antics in the gallery above.

Event: Alex Hayes X Vacay
Location: Pink Monkey, Burleigh
Date: 01/05/21
Photographer: Creative Cult

Words by Tom Disalvo May 3, 2021
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