Party & Bullshit 10m

There was nothing quiet about Billy Bones Club’s secret shindig.

Anyone else get that extremely fuzzy feeling after Billy Bones Club’s warehouse party? Like you drank way too many beers and smoked at least a pack? Yeah, us too, and we’re definitely not the only ones… The party, was one for the ages, with the cotton slingers proving they’re just as good as hosting ragers as they are keeping us garmed up.

With free booze and entertainment from Airwolf, Josh Cashman, Pvcker Up, Butters, Toxic Fox, The Moving Stills, Sky Roller, AG REN, 5AM (looks like a small fezzy lineup TBH) we were well and truly taken care of. We also got our mitts on some exclusive BBC merch which never goes astray. Oh, and is anyone else having second thoughts about the tattoo they got….

Peep the full gallery above and head here for more Billy Bones Club:

Event: Billy Bone Club Warehouse Party
Location: Melbourne
Videographer: these wild eyes video
Photographer: Ray Rolla
Date: 16/11/19

November 29, 2019
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