Party & Bullshit 4m

Raging all night…

Billy Sixes’ Safari last night in their South Sydney warehouse totally went off, the Kirrawee abode totally bumping as the vintage-inspired clothing store gave back to the community with an off chops rager. Featuring local bands Satin Cali and Florange as well as DJ sets from Lizzie Lawless & Nick Sarcozy, the night acted as a bit of a milestone for Billy Sixes Safari, being a long time coming ever since they started their first storefront in Cronulla.

And it doesn’t look like they’re planning on taking it easy any time soon, quietly working on expanding their already bumping vintage-inspired clothing along with some dope releases still to come in the remainder of the year.

Definitely exciting times for Billy Sixes Safari, and that feeling was more than felt by everyone at their Kirrawee event last night. Get caught up on all the action via the gallery above, and be sure to shop Billy Sixes Safari here.


Event – Billy Sixes Safari

Location – Sydney

Photographer – Ned Simes

Videographer – Andii Clements


Words by Amar Gera June 14, 2021
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