Party & Bullshit 4m

If only we could bottle the rowdiness…

Living up to their reputations for having their fingers on the pulse of Aussie live music and action sports, Quiksilver & Surf Dive ‘n Ski‘s Check Inn party up on the Gold Coast over the weekend was all time say the least. Taking over Mexicali at Nobby Beach for a night of live music, drinks, and tasty AF tacos and margaritas (the two cornerstones of a nutritious breakfast), the two industry leaders jam-packed decades worth of euphoria into a single night to launch their new collection, and it was energising to say the least.

On the music side we got the best of both sides of the party soundscape, with a groove-filled live set from power-pop duo WIGZ electrifying the dance floor, calling punters to come and get down as the sun gorgeously shone overhead. Naturally, tunes like ‘WWWWWHY’ absolutely went off, coursing through our bodies with its retro synths, bumping bass lines and the waviest of vocals as the duo let us know we were in for a hell of a night, and that we best hold on for dear life.

Electronically we were blessed with disco-extraordinaire Shimmy Disco, upping the ante with bangers old and new as the dance-floor became a total hub of momentum. Each mix, transition, build up and drop all hit harder than the last, feeding the crowd even more energy in what was already a high-octane night.

Needless to say we’re hoping Quiksilver and Surf Dive ‘n Ski start releasing collections every week now, if it means we get more bumping parties like this. But don’t just take our word for it, get caught up on all the action via the gallery above.

Event: Check Inn @ Mexicale
Date: 27/03/21
Location: Gold Coast
Photographer: Scotty Bruce


Words by Amar Gera March 29, 2021
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