Journeys: Travis Lynch
Presented by Monteith’s.
Words by Mitch Ross March 28, 2021

We hit the coast with Trav Lynch in this month’s Journeys.

You know that feeling when you knock off after a hard week’s work and can finally spend your time feeding your passions? Tools are down and you can at long last allocate some time to doing your own thing. For Newcastle-based metal worker Travis Lynch, that feeling comes when Friday comes along and he can start planning the weekend’s surfing adventure.

A former pro, who was signed a six-figure contract aged 17, the now 36-year-old family man journeys to the NSW coastline whenever he gets the opportunity. It’s something that Trav says helps him escape the humdrum of work-life. “Even though I’m exerting myself and exercising when I surf, it somehow recharges my batteries, giving me energy for whatever is to come in the week.”

We followed Trav to a secret surf spot around Newy where he can avoid the crowds and reset. “There’s nothing that relaxes me quite like the ocean. Each time I paddle out, I’m as eager as I was back when I first picked up a board,” he says. Check out the episode of Journeys below and head here to follow Monteith’s Instagram and stay up to date on this series and more!