Party & Bullshit 3m

Byron’s finest all in one spot.

What is drip? How is drip made? Is there anything such thing as droop? Look, we might not be the most stylish bunch here at LWA. That’s why it’s great to have mates that can take care of all that stuff for us. Enter the new Collective Retail crew in Byron, which includes the legends at M/SF/T ShapesEPØKHE and Standard Procedure, who thankfully can get us ugly keyboard fondlers looking slightly less unattractive.

Last night was the launch of the collective out in the industrial area, meaning that pretty much every person and their dog flocked out there to ogle some clobber, catch Cupid & The Stupids live, and sip some free bevs on hand thanks to Feels Botanical, NOSH Seltzer and Grifter Beer. Catch up on all the action in the gallery and be sure to drop into the collective next time you’re floating around Byron: 

Event – Collective Retail Venture Launch Party @ Byron Bay
Location – New Store
Date: 13/05/21
Photographer – Jeremy Gryst

May 14, 2021
Editors Pick