Party & Bullshit 5m

The Island felt more like the Black Rock Desert yesterday.

If you’ve been missing that festival experience over the past year or so, you might want to avert your eyes from this gallery… Yesterday afternoon the Deep Playa Island Edition went of like a banana in the sun as we connected with some of our favourite people who relished the opportunity to dance a day away in full Burning Man clobber. Tunes were served up by Chris Theo & Wil Chapman, and INARY Live (featuring Pauli Wheeler and Johnny Gleeson) who immersed us in tasty house uephoria. Safe to say we it’s got us in the mood for more Island-related debauchery soon! Check out all the action in the gallery above:

Event: Deep Playa
Location: The Island
Date: 08/05/21
Photographer: Ned Simes

May 9, 2021
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