Party & Bullshit 3m

My eardrums are still ringing…

Sydney EDM hub Universal was straight up bumping Oxford Street last night, recapturing the fire of pre-covid raving for the one & only DJ Boring. Supported by local selector/ producer-wonders James Pepper and Lex Deluxe, there was no chance the night was gonna be anything short of astoundingly silly, and that punters would be treated to an explosion of rhythm, melody and force that venues like Universal were built for.

Naturally punters flooded the dance floor as soon as the clock struck 10, swarming the expanse as James Pepper made his return to his home away from home. Meshing everything from breakbeat to electro, the young deck-slinger’s efforts in warming up the decks for Boring were more than apt, so much so that I swear I saw some smoke billowing from those CDJs by the time the man of the night stepped to the stage…

And of course, Boring threw the fuck down, traversing across genres and moods with total ease. Each transition and beat match are smooth as can be, with the occasional teasing of the next song here and there to keep punters on their toes. A highlight (there were many) was definitely that ‘Promiscuous Girl’ flip, punters going wild as everyone got low to the warbling synths. And unless we’re mistaken, there was also a sneaky Eric Prydz tune snuck in the two hour set at some point, which wasn’t at all expected, but more than welcome.

Lastly came Lex, who is known for being one of the most dynamic selectors and producers in the Sydney EDM ionosphere. Breaking out the vinyl for the 2-4am set, she didn’t at all give us the chance to level out, keeping up the energy of Boring and Pepper with glitzy electro and techno with a splash of breakbeat to tie it all together. It was madness in the most electrifying way, and by the end we were honestly incapable of functioning or expressing our euphoria, a sign of a bloody incredible night. Get caught up on all the action via the gallery above.

Event: DJ Boring
Location: Universal, Surry Hills
Date: 2/05/21
Photographer: Amar Gera

Words by Amar Gera Photos by Amar Gera May 3, 2021
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