Party & Bullshit 12m

Gypsy Lands, the festival that promised to introduce Bali to the Aussie bush doof, went down a treat over the weekend.

We must admit, we were a little bit skeptical when Kai Suteja AKA ‘urmumsyadad’ told us that he was throwing a festival in Bali. We were even more skeptical when we saw the ramshackle construction of the site and heard about his elaborate plans that included an MMA ring, dividing the festival between the heavenly Wonderlands and the heathenly Badlands with a maze, as well as a love tent for people to get married in. But lo and behold, it went off without a hitch over the weekend and we’ve got the pics to prove it:

Event: Gypsy Lands Festival
Photographer: Scott Bruce
Location: Bali

July 26, 2018
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