Party & Bullshit
June 22, 2022

It’s snow season. It’s Fizz season. You do the math.

Last weekend the crew from Fizz and a small army of punters descended on Thredbo and Jindy for about 48 hours of pure madness. Not only did they take over the Banjo in town, with 500+ revellers in attendance who drank the bar completely dry, but they also hit the slopes at Thredbo for some cheeky runs and an impromptu DJ set, all the while devouring that fruity party juice.

Did you miss out? Well, rumour has it that the Fizz-lords will be throwing two more icy Fizztivals at the snow on July 27th and Aug 17th… but you didn’t hear that from us… Peep all the highlights in the gallery above and follow Fizz on IG here:

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