Journeys: Dan Bonello
Gravel Grinding
August 19, 2020

Getting a little dirty is all part of the escape for cycling enthusiast Dan Bonello.

Working full-time in design and sales for a sports clothing company doesn’t afford Sydney bike rider Dan Bonello much spare time. Sitting behind a desk in an inner-city office, “Bon” grinds away creating customised sportswear for various athletic teams around the country, counting down the hours before he hits the road or dirt for his next ride.

Removing himself from the noise of city life, you can find Bon racing bikes competitively or for fun pretty much every weekend. When we caught up with him for this episode of Journeys, the talented peddle lord was hitting the gravel for a solo ride in the Royal National Park south of Sydney, which means there are no cars, no other cyclists, just him and his bike. 

Sure it’s a little bit tougher, but the payoff is unrivalled: spectacular views, waterfalls and charming Aussie bushland are all there for him to experience. “I don’t think this will ever get old for me,” he says. “The bikes might change, the people I ride with might change, but the enjoyment I get from it will always be constant.

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A Flat tyre to start the day is always a bad sign.

Just follow the pipeline as far as you can.

That afternoon sun through the trees just hits differently.

Good spot to park up and have some refreshments.

The views from above Stanwell.

A quick wheelie before we head back.

After a few low level crossings the legs and bikes end up being very muddy.

But all worth it in the end.