Journeys: Honey Hayze
Long way to the top.
September 15, 2020

Tools down, instruments up.

It’s no secret that being a musician often means having a good side (or main) hustle to pay the bills – especially now considering how COVID-19 has affected the live music industry. Whilst their co-workers are slapping away at computer keyboards or firing up drills, musicians are often daydreaming about their latest jam or humming along to a melody that’s stuck inside their heads.

Bondi outfit Honey Hayze are no different. Most of the members of this bluesy rock outfit spend the bulk of their waking hours decked up in high-vis job sites around Sydney – a far cry from their natural on-stage habitat. Sharing music amongst themselves and their followers is their true passion, and everything else is just working towards that next show where they can party with their pals.

We popped into a Honey Hayze jam session for our latest instalment of Journeys, which, as you can see from the pics below, was a whole heap of fun:

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