Party & Bullshit
December 17, 2023

Skating, tunes, and free drinks from the new guys, Nextdoor

Sydney’s newest skate apparel slingers Next Door launched their second range, following the raging success of their debut drop Home, last night in Marrickville with an event that far exceeded their humble beginnings. Complete with a pop-up store, refreshing AF drinks from Pals, and a half pipe, the soiree had all ingredients a house-party-meets-rave shindig – the best kind. And that’s not even including the music which saw EDM juggernauts Yolanda Be Cool, joined by Anika and Frolic, take to the decks as we partied the night away. Check out all action in the gallery above:

Event: Nextdoor Presents ‘Forget The Night, Remember The Name’
Location: Studio Killa, Sydney
Date: 16/12/23
Photographer: Tom Wilkinson

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