Party & Bullshit 3m

We were there when the WSL rolled into Narrabeen.

Well, when I say we, I mean Sydney photographer Charlie Hardy. You probably know him as that guy who shoots amazing music festival pics and backstage artist portraits – we even featured them in a Frames a few years back (we’re probably overdue for another, ey Charlie?). Anyway, last weekend he swapped out guitars for surfboards when he hit Narrabeen with his homemade black and white backdrop and his Hassleblad.

Shooting the world’s best pre and post heats, he’s captured a nice blend of the intense focus and playful energy in the series which is the line the “sport” of surfing tends to tread along. Featuring comp winners Gabriel Medina and Caroline Marks as well as world champs Italo Ferreira and Carrissa Moore, Charlie produced more quality snaps than the Brazilian locker room…

Take a look below and head here to follow Charlie:

Words by Harry Webber April 22, 2021
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