Listen: Kerser’s New Album Is The Sickest
A podcast with Kerser on his new album, Nautica, and his grandma fans.
March 6, 2019

Listen to episode one of our new podcast, The Whole Struth, with Kerser below.

Having released an album every year since 2011, Kerser is treating us to another one this Friday. The album, Lifestyle, takes us from trap beats to haunting melodies, complete with a few nods to Kerser’s roots – all produced by Open Till L8. The lyrics will stay with you weeks after a single listen. As an 8th record, it’s added a diversity and maturity to Kerser’s brand of hard-hitting gutter rap.

Beyond this, Kerser holds the record for the most stolen CDs from JB HIFI, the biggest Aus/US Rap Collaboration (Future & Young Buck), and now a very fitting Nautica Partnership. Shunned by the mainstream media, his journey to the top has been anything but conventional. In line with the vibe, we got Struthless to ask him how it all felt…

Here’s the whole thing, along with some other LWA podcasts you oughta be subscribing to:



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You can pre order Lifestyle here.

See below for Kerser’s AUS tour dates. Tickets can be purchased here:

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