Listen: ‘10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red’ Episode 8
More red, more tunes.
Words by Harry Webber May 31, 2019

Dunni responds to listener messages for the first ever time in the latest ‘10 songs’.

Having a tough time dealing with the cold this weekend? Well crack yourself a bottle of wine, chuck on this podcast, light the fire, chuck on your skivvy, light some candles and settle in. We guarantee this episode of ‘10 Songs’ will cure what ails you, unless what ails you is a serious medical condition (in which case please see a doctor).

Check out episode 8 in all its glory by click on your preferred listening platform below:

1. ‘Prank Calls’ – Kelley Stoltz
2. ‘Nantucket Island’ – Willie Wright
3. ‘Good Dancers’ – The Sleepy Jackson
4. ‘Unsent Letter’ – Machine Gun Fellatio
5. ‘I’ve Always Been’ – Mac Ayres, Jack Dine & Zach Berro
6. ‘Thrills’ – Cake
7. ‘Birthday Boy’ – Ween
8. ‘When The Lights Go Out’ – Crybaby
9. ‘Handsome’ – Drug Cabin
10. ‘The Real World’ – Drugdealer

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