Listen: Ep#14 ’10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red’ – With Harry Bryant
Special guest.
Words by Harry Webber October 11, 2019

Dunni has his first ever guest host on the podcast… what could go wrong?

Who said Dunni wasn’t gonna make it? Who said no one would wanna listen to him drink wine and talk rubbish on a podcast? Who said he’d never get a special guest? Well, where are you now? In the 14th episode of 10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red Lewie ‘Dunni’ Dunn hangs out with his surfing buddy Harry Bryant for a cheeky shenanigan-filled ride. How much fun can two sun-bleached frothers have in one podcast? Have a listen and find out.

Seeing as you’re practically getting twice the funny here for the same price, don’t forget to subscribe and review 10 Songs. Follow the links below to listen on your preferred format:

1. ‘Moving In Stereo’ – The Cars
2. ‘Hung Over’ – The Martini’s
3. ‘Trouble Everyday’ – Frank Zappa
4. ‘Train In Vain’ – The Clash
5. ‘What The World Is Waiting For’ – The Stone Roses
6. ‘How Soon Is Now’ – The Smiths
7. ‘Deep Forest’ – Deep Forest
8. ‘Nothing To Lose’ – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
9. I’t Takes A Muscle’ – Spectral Display
10. ‘Shiny Happy People’ – R.E.M

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