Listen: Twenty One With… Brightness
Presented by Mother Energy Drink.
Words by Harry Webber November 4, 2019

Alex Knight AKA Brightness is the second guest of our brand new podcast Twenty One With….

If you haven’t checked out Newcastle-based artist Brightness yet, you’re missing out. His self-titled sophomore record has just dropped, following 2017’s Teething, further elevating his status as one of the finest avant-rock artists Australia has produced in recent years. Brooding, euphoric and at times transcending, Brightness is one of our favourite albums in recent memory, so naturally we were stoked to get him in for an episode of the podcast.

Here, we hit Alex with a rapid-fire twenty-one questions and then circled back and went through his answer, giving us insight into his life as Brightness and having a truckload of laughs along the way. Give it a spin on your preferred medium below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast, presented by Mother Energy Drink! Also, please note this episode was recorded just before his album came out:

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