Mad Love: James Jirat Patradoon
The one and only!
Tiger Beer Presents
Words by Andrew Yee July 15, 2020

With his leather, devilish grin, and jet-black hair that adorns his head like a crown of thorns, James Jirat Patradoon is the type of person who doesn’t leave an impression, he damn well sears one into your memory.

Considering he is an artist who has been expanding Sydney’s illustration scene for over a decade, this otherworldly charisma suits him. Images of the supernatural, 80’s aesthetics, 90’s fashion, and godly physiques are rendered in flashes of neon to stark monochrome. Jirat has built himself a reputation as an omnipresent artist whose works illuminate digital screens, grace enormous walls, and have even been draped across the body of an F1 car. While others tend to flee from the darkness of the unknown, Jirat welcomes it with a tenacious mindset to constantly challenge himselfhe is the dark prince of pop after all!

Thanks to Jirat for sitting down and having a chat! Find more info on him here and follow @jamesjirat. Huge shout out to Tiger Beer for hooking us up with the brews!


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