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Back in 2009, Asher Roth released his debut single ‘I Love College’ – a track that featured the young rapper stumbling through a party filled with scantily-clad women and clouds of marijuana smoke. Clutching a red cup firmly in his hand, Roth’s youthful nonchalance struck a chord with students across the nation who wished to replicate his tales of all-nighters and devilish debauchery.


Fast forward to 2014, and Roth has become much more than just a catchy vodka-fuelled hook. He’s toured with everyone from Kid Cudi to B.o.B, and has just released his second critically-acclaimed album RetroHash. While the album sees Roth take on a more introspective approach to lyricism and more diverse production, it still espouses the carefree nature that initially earned him a global fanbase.

We were lucky enough to spend a day with Asher Roth in Hollywood, following the rapper throughout all of his pre-show rituals before a blinding show to launch his album at the Troubadour. Forever humble, Asher Roth reminds us that some despite their successes, some people remain refreshingly grounded.


We began the day with some media appearances, including America’s premier hip-hop station Power 106. Speaking on RetroHash, he tells us that:

“This is my first self-released record, I’m really excited about that. It’s a very rewarding process, a lot of hard work goes into it, a lot of relief, a lot of dedication. Doing something that’s not necessarily extremely accessible or by the book, you don’t know what the results are going to be… But I feel like people are into it, they’re intrigued.”


Framed Kanye West poster on the wall? We’re down.


After press time, we headed to the offices of Roth’s manager Scooter Braun. This is the same man who looks after the likes of Justin Bieber, PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen and the ilk – which should give you an indication of Roth’s limitless potential. Here is Roth embracing his girlfriend and making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Then it was off for lunch, with sushi and edamame beans on the menu. Roth’s chopstick game is on point.

And back to the house for a little lounging…


Before heading to the night’s show at the Troubadour. Roth stepped onstage with the band for soundcheck.


Roth engaging in what we can only assume was a prediction of the audience’s reaction later that night.


Oh, well this is cute.


It’s always nice to see rappers who take times to appreciate their fans. Roth is one of the most contagiously positive individuals we’ve met, and it’s nothing short of inspirational. Here, he shares a high-five with a fan who presumably hasn’t washed her hand since.


Showtime means throwing on a collared shirt and engaging in some solo time.


Oh yeah, did we mention that Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids was also on the bill? So good.

When 10:00pm hit, Roth took the stage to a very receptive crowd, most of whom were trying to get a snap (filtered through Valencia) to keep their Instagram game on lock.


Look at those luscious locks fly!


Roth has even toured with Blink 182 in his time, so you know that he’s always keen for a little crowd surfing…

And so are some of the older punters. Out in California, they just don’t give a fuck. It’s amazing.


After the show, Roth gets back into ‘I Love College’ mode as he stares longingly at a bottle of Moey.


Cheers to the amazing team who made the day possible.


Roth with Scooter Braun himself, someone who’s been very much a part of his success.


Next time, it’ll be our turn to take Roth to the town when he makes his way to Australia.

Photos by Mitch Tomlinson July 6, 2014
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