Portugal The Man
Sydney to Wollongong.
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You’ve probably already noticed that we’ve been shooting plenty of gigs with the legends in Portugal. The Man.

The Alaskan rock favourites have teamed up with Corona Extra for an extensive tour of Australia, playing at intimate pubs and clubs across the country. Playing up to four shows in one weekend, their schedule is nothing short of hectic – and audiences across Australia have been lapping it up eagerly. And why wouldn’t they? The tour has been defined by good booze and free music with one of the world’s best bands.

We decided to jump on the road with Portugal. The Man as they trekked down for a show at Towradgi Hotel. Here’s how it went down:


We kick the day off by meeting up with Portugal. The Man frontman John in the hotel lobby. With his hater shades on indoors and a coffee firmly in hand, John looks prepared for the day’s adventures. Bring it on!


This isn’t the Highway to Hell – rather, this is the Highway to our friends down south in Wollongong. There’s few things more relaxing than the open road, and the lads get some strong road trip tunes blaring on the speakers – everything from Drake to Lil Wayne to Bobby Shmurda. We’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of rap hits they’ve picked, so much so that we’re doing the Shmoney Dance and typing this article at the same damn time.


What’s a road trip with a stop off at Macca’s? Here, the lads inspect the generous amount of meals on offer, including the five-star ‘Rump Steak Range’. Oh yeah.


John goes for the classic cheeseburger. Wise move. I would also like to take this opportunity to state that if you are one of those people that takes the time to pick out the gherkins out of a McDonald’s burger, you’re doing it wrong. #CLEANEATING #FOODSTAGRAM


Old mate keeping a watch for any hooligans littering or setting fire to inanimate objects in the carpark. Check out that authoritative stance.


We made it! To the Skydive joint. Yes, these crazy motherfuckers are going skydiving just before a gig, and right after a stop at McDonald’s. I hope that these dudes have stomachs of steel. Zach & Kyle from the band are the brave men in question, the rest of the band decide to sit it out.


Here’s a photo of another person about to take a photo – a poor man’s selfieception, if you will. Zach is out here with that vintage Americana swag, he’s even got that cigarette at the essential 45 degree angle. 10/10 would feature this bro in a catalogue shoot.


Kyle is a legend. Here, he signs his life away with a slight hint of nerves. #PRAYFORKYLE


Flip-up sunnies. If you don’t have a pair of these in 2014, your swag radar is way off and you’re also fucking doing it wrong like the guy who picks gherkins out of a burger. Here are the four soldiers from the band and their crew who are about to jump off an airplane. All smiles, no contemplating death.


Some last safety tips before take-off. We don’t think that the couple on the old left are members of Portugal. The Man, but we’ll have to double check.


Airbourne! Zach with an unbeatable view of New South Wales. #STRAYA


It’s pictures like this that make you think about just how big the universe is. BRB, having an existential crisis and participating in a solo mental monologue about the existence of God.


This is Sally from Monster Children, she’s an absolute legend and the band’s very own guardian angel/tour manager for their entire trek across the country. She’s their mother figure, and here she gets a break from the boys while they jump out of planes.


Meanwhile, John reads Alan Light’s The Skills To Pay The Bills – a book on the Beastie Boys. You don’t need an excuse to read up on these rap lords, but Portugal. The Man have actually been recording with Mike D in the studio. Started from the bottom, now we’re recording with one of the most influential rappers of all time.


The lads look over and laugh at some of the faces they pulled while skydiving. I’m assuming that there’s plenty of potential Facebook display pictures in there.


Portugal. The Man members are all guns at this game. 3/10 pun, please don’t repeat that one.


Pre-show feed. Cigarettes, potato wedges and Corona sounds like a match made in heaven.


Zach with an easy recline into the Corona waterfall. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.


Lunchtime beers have got the lads sleepy. You booze, you snooze.


Despite all the distractions, Jason gets into the zone for the incoming show – playing some casual air drums. When you’re on a tour with as many dates as this, the lads’ work ethic is nothing short of admirable.


Nek minit, full venue. Wollongong has really turned it up for the band, testament to their skyrocketing popularity and ability to pack out intimate shows on the other side of the world.


After the show, Zach has still got time for the fans.


After the show, the boys cool down and reflect on the day.


Being on tour is no excuse for sloppiness when it comes to Portugal. The Man. Nope, these aren’t bottles of alcohol – Jason comes prepared with fragrances, vitamins and fresh sprays. So fresh, so clean.


John gives the fangs a little touch-up before we hit the road back up to Sydney.

Photos by Mitch Ross December 1, 2014
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