TwentyFour: Ryan ‘The Flash’ Garcia
A day with the boxing phenomenon.
August 28, 2018

Ryan ‘The Flash’ Garcia describes himself as “a goofy kid that beats people up” – though that might be the understatement of the century.

The 20-year-old fighter is one of the most promising names in boxing, with an undefeated streak that’s seen him emerge victorious in all 15 of his fights since turning pro back in 2016. Having first put on the gloves as a 7-year-old, Ryan went on to amass an impressive 215-15 amateur record and a healthy social media presence in the process, gaining heavy attention for his in-ring and online antics.

And for Ryan, boxing is a family affair. His old man and uncle are his trainers, while his mother has only missed three of his fights so far. His little brother, Sean is also a professional boxer.

He’s not your typical boxer, but that’s part of his charm: Ryan’s friendly and outgoing demeanour is convincing enough to make you forget that he can knock out opponents in a split second. We spent a day with Ryan in Los Angeles to look into his training regime, his background in boxing, and a few words of wisdom for any budding boxers out there.

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