Alexis Ren Savagely Goes In On Ex-Boyfriend (And His Dick Size) Via Twitter
February 22, 2017

By now, basically everyone is familiar with Alexis Ren.

We’ve shot her a few times right here on LWA, and she literally stops the Internet when she graces a Tuesday Without page – scroll down for the evidence. Anyway, part of Alexis’ online presence has been alongside fellow social media star Jay Alvarrez, with the former couple crafting impossibly sunny, FOMO-inducing vacation videos that’ll make your last O/S trip look like senior citizen’s bingo:

The tens of millions of views suggest that the Internet was very into the good lookin’ couple, but now the relationship is well and truly over. In fact, it’s so over that Alexis has taken to Twitter to air out the details in relentless fashion. Beginning with a semi-vague tweet saying “that time you confused a lesson for a soulmate,” it wasn’t long before fans began inquiring as to what led to the breakdown.

Alexis answered all, implying that her ex-flame was changed by fame and using her for business. Oh yeah, and also that he’s a fuckboy:

And the nail in the coffin of the whole Twitter discussion? This:


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