CASETiFY Team Up With Bondi Legend Aquabumps
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Probably gonne be spending more time looking at the BACK of my phone now…

If you’ve ever seen the Aquabumps Instagram, you’ll know that it’s like a vortex of saltwater eye candy that can suck you in faster than any rip you’ll come across at Bondi. Masterfully capturing the many shades of the ocean and human life surrounding it, we’ve probably spent as much time perusing their IG than we have just about any other.

Now, Aquabumps founder Eugene Tan and the crew at CASETiFY are giving us the chance to carry a little piece of the ocean around with us with their new collection of cases featuring shots from Sydney’s Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast and favoured international travel destinations including Tahiti and the Amalfi Coast, Italy. The cases are also made with 50% recycled plastic, with sustainability taking priority for both companies.

“For 23 years I’ve been sharing my view of the beach through photographs in our daily blog, the best of my works handcrafted as fine art, shipped all over the world. This collaboration with CASETiFY means I can keep sharing what I love, from my office – ‘the ocean’ and give you a slice of the beach wherever you are, even on the days you can’t get there,” Eugene Tan says.

Check out the cases below and head here to shop the collab now:

December 1, 2021
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