Dexter Is Not Dexter In New Trailer For ‘Dexter’
Ya know?
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Having last seen Dexter (Michael C. Hall) reluctantly settling into a new life as a lumberjack back in 2013, we now have a whole new set of questions.

Firstly, who the hell is Jim Lindsay? It’s safe to assume from the trailer below, Jim Lindsay the assumed identity of Dexter, who has set himself up as some sort of pillar of this small town community after faking his death in the season eight finale. Neighbours wave, kids stop and say hello, and for the most part it seems like ol’ Jimbo is on the straight and narrow. That is until he reaches the hunting knives…

Just as they did throughout the entirety of the show’s eight seasons, Dexter’s murderous impulses are set to get him into trouble once again. Production for the 10-episode season began in January and all Showtime have told us so far is that the series will be unleashed unto the world this year. Stay tuned.

May 31, 2021
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