“Don’t Look Her In The Eye!” – Ellen Called Out For Years Of “Notoriously Mean” Behaviour On Twitter
All smiles for the camera...
March 23, 2020

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Nasty AF if true.

All it took was a single tweet from comedian/writer Kevin T. Porter to inspire hundreds of people to share their stories of celebrity/TV host Ellen DeGeneres being horrible to either them or someone they know. Over the weekend he posted a tweet that read:

“Right now we all need a little kindness. You know, like Ellen DeGeneres always talks about! She’s also notoriously one of the meanest people alive. Respond to this with the most insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean & I’ll match every one w/ $2 to @LAFoodBank.”

It’s since been shared nearly 6K times with people sharing their experiences with Ellen that range from rude, to psycho, to clearly made up. Ellen is yet to comment on the posts, so we should highlight that these are all alleged anecdotes, though you know what they say about there being no smoke without fire… Well, there’s enough smoke here to choke a small village.

Click on the tweet below for all the stories:

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